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Credit Review & Analysis

The credit review is the first step for any loan pre-approval process. We have reviewed thousands of credit reports, so we will be able to give you the straight facts about yours. If we don’t have the answer, we will find it out for you! Once we review your report we will know where to begin. Most lenders would like to see your credit scores at 640 or above… Many times there are errors on the credit report. If you have had a Foreclosure, Short Sale, and especially a Bankruptcy, you can almost guarantee that some of the negative accounts are not showing correctly. The longer you wait to correct these, the longer it takes for your credit score to improve.
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Free Credit Reports

All of the “Life After Programs” provide a FREE 3 Bureau Residential Credit Report for you. They normally cost between $20 – $50. This is the actual report that most lending institutions use for underwriting their loan approvals. The Program Counselors are trained to review these reports with you and explain the content details.
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Pre-Approval Letters

The end result of the “Life After” program is a home loan pre-approval letter. In order to make an offer on a home, all sellers these days require a pre-approval letter to accompany your offer to purchase their home. You will need this letter and we will prove it for you. At that time, we will introduce you to a realtor who will help you get started with the home search! After all your hard work and waiting, this is the fun part! Now is one of the best home buying opportunities in history. Interest rates and prices are extremely low and affordable!

Credit Score Counseling

Since credit is such a huge factor in the loan approval process, we want to make sure that you know the facts about your credit scores and learn what can be done to increase them. That is why we have teamed up with several credit score counseling agencies. For those who are interested we will provide you with the information that you need. Some of these programs can help with sticky credit issues, as well as, overall credit health, tips, seminars, and tune-ups.

Plan of Action

You know the 5 P’s: “Proper Planning Promotes Positive Performance.” Or, you may have heard it another way, “Proper Planning Prevents Pitiful Performance.” If you went through a Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Bankruptcy, it was more than likely a trying time and a negative experience. We have made it our business to encourage people like you. The Life After Programs are designed to help people pick themselves up and get them back on the road to home ownership. We have helped thousands of people by reviewing their specific situation and coming up with a good Plan of Action! To do this we will review your Short Sale, Foreclosure and/or Bankruptcy documents, credit report, income, debt, job history, budget, etc.
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Home Ownership Budgeting

Every financial planning class starts with a budget. It is the basic foundation for a solid financial future. Without a budget, money just seems to burn a hole in our pockets! Along with establishing a good credit history after a Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy, the loan underwriter is required to evaluate your ability to handle your finances. One excellent way to help with this is to show that you have a budget. In the budget you show that you have the ability to pay your mortgage and save. If you didn’t already have one, we will give you suggestions and templates to get started. This is an internal part of the loan approval process.

Family Counseling

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Review Loan Guidelines

Home loan guidelines have tightened over the last several years due to America’s financial crisis. Each person’s situation is so unique and different. Our counselors will review the programs, loan guidelines, and waiting periods that apply to you specifically. These guidelines seem to be changing almost monthly! We stay right on the cutting edge to instruct you on the best course of action. It will be different depending on whether you had a Short Sale, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy. We will structure your plan of action around these guidelines and the specific waiting periods. FHA, VA, and Conventional loan programs are all different. In this quickly changing banking environment, you need an expert who stays up on all these guideline changes!

Loan Program Option

We will help you navigate through the home loan program options of FHA, VA, Conventional, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Jumbo, First Time Home Buyer programs, Down Payment Assistance, etc.

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